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My halloween Costume // Cosplay

Good morning !

I am still not sure if i’ll change costume or not, though I can’t dress up as I’m working and don’t have any party or anything to dress up for 😂 but let me show you last year’s costume !

I’d also really want to go into cosplaying; but i have no talent to even make my own costume and stuff, but I got myself some props to go with my costume.. counts, right?

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Video Games ☆

My favorite Zeldas

Happy sunday !

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Zelda is one of my favorite franchise. Just like books, it was my mom’s brother who did introduced them to me quite young; as we are only 16years apart. He was about my age (~24) when I was 5 and when he was babysitting me, he would bring his gameboy or his N64.

Of course all Zeldas are wonderful and I do play and love them all, but let see which ones have that particuliar place in my heart, shall we ? ❤

My last tattoo; Done on January 10th 2017

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