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My Goals for 2019

So this post I will be talking about my goals for 2019! These are not New Year’s Resolutions because we all know how I feel about those… anyways, these are the goals I had set that I want to hit before the end of 2019! So if you are ready, let’s get into this post!

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The school system is failing you

The school system is failing you and here is how. School is supposed to be a place where you can feel safe and learn a lot, but that’s not how it is. Bullying is a major problem, especially in schools. That’s what I am going to be talking about today.

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Assassination Classroom – My review

A humorous and action-packed story about a class of misfits who are trying to kill their new teacher – an alien octopus with bizarre powers and super strength! The teacher has just destroyed the moon and is threatening to destroy the earth – unless his students can destroy him first. What makes things more complicated is that he’s the best teacher they’ve ever had!

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